What is Spill Stop Absorbent?

Spill stop is a universal absorbent made from all-natural raw materials. It’s base substance is volcanic ash which has been mixed with our proprietary additives to create a very powerful, yet affordable solution for liquid spill clean-up. 

What can Spill Stop Absorbent absorb?

Spill Stop is a universal absorbent and can encapsulate any liquid with viscosity.

Why can’t hydrofluoric Acid be absorbed?

Hydrofluoric Acids chemical make-up does not react well with our base material and will create a potentially dangerous gas when mixed together.

How does Spill Stop Absorbent work?

When activated, Spill Stop will physically encapsulate a targeted liquid and has the capacity to hold up to 400 times it’s own weight. To activate Spill Stop, pour the product in and around the spill. You will want to work the product into the spill with a stiff broom which will activate the encapsulation process.

Is Spill Stop Absorbent Dangerous to breath?

Spill Stop is classified as a non-hazardous waste and not dangerous to inhale. However, it is not recommended to breath in the product as it may create a very dry environment and could lead to irritation.

Can Spill Stop Absorbent be landfilled?

Our substance itself can be landfilled as it is non-hazerdous. However, any absorbent that absorbs a hazardous waste will need to be disposed of in accordance with their local jurisdiction.

Can Spill Stop Absorbent be incinerated?

Spill Stop can be incinerated at a temperature of 2400 degrees.

Will Spill Stop Absorbent hurt my floors?

Unlike other competitive absorbents, Spill Stop has made significant improvement’s to control its abrasiveness on finished floors. Spill Stops chemical make up takes into account weight and granule design to limit its effects on the surface.

After a spill has been absorbed with Spill Stop absorbent, how is it regulated?

Spill Stop becomes the classification of whatever liquid it is absorbing as it relates to disposal rules and regulations. When disposing of liquid clean up, be sure to follow the local regulations in your jurisdiction.